Success Story: 360° Uniforms Managed Solution for BP Gas Stations.

20/02/2019 / Success stories


The English Brand BP started opening gas stations all across Mexico in 2019, opening more than one station per day. Each location has 50+ employees, all of which needed uniforms.

The opening rhythm and staff turnover represented a huge challenge for the uniform supply chain. There were delays in delivery, size match errors, wrong supplies, amongst others.

IQ Solution: Uniforms 360°

In order to solve their dilemma, IQ and FFP (a sister company of the group) collaborated with BP to implement a solution around a dedicated helpdesk and customer service platform for the uniform user, which ranged from the fabrication to the management of the uniform.

In record time, an E-Commerce platform was built and set up for the BP franchisers so they could request uniforms for each of their employees, being able to specify the size of each of the uniform pieces in particular. In order to achieve this goal, we took these steps:

1.-Initial Uniform Investment: BP and FFP agreed on an initial uniform stock to be managed and stored by an FFP distribution center, from its manufacturing by IQ up until it is delivered to the user.

2.-A Webshop was set up, tailored to BP’s franchisers and service stations, with a virtual catalogue including all available uniform items in their model and size variants, taking in consideration the specifics of the project and automatizing processes such as:

  • Authorizers
  • Budget Management
  • Cost centers
  • Individual custom uniform kits

3.-A Customer Care center at the service of the uniform users was established, available through chat, phone call and email.

4.-End to end supply chain: The web orders received were now processed individually. Sorted by piece, package and order, each employee’s kit is personally curated. We reduced the distribution and delivery goal times on a national level to between 24 and 72 hours. Even in extended and hard to reach areas.

5.-Performance’s executive reports: Detailing service levels, the project’s financial metrics and order statistics to custom detail.

6.-Restocking: IQ took the task of maintaning stock levels in order to offer the best uniform service.

7.-Finally, an analysis was made to identify other products requested by the platform users in order to integrate them to the uniform offer. For example, we added Payback loyalty reward cards to the product catalogue to let it be requested in addition to the uniforms.