Success Story: Racing style Collection for Nascar Series’ Axalta-Daimler Team.

05/10/2018 / Success Stories


Axalta is a world famous paint producing company, with a complete and well executed marketing strategy. One of their tactics is to sponsor the NASCAR team Axalta-Daimler.

Axalta Mexico decided to develop deluxe promotional apparel taking advantage of their sponsored team.

To do this, Axalta Mexico’s marketing team had to look for a supplier. At first, they evaluated the option of importing the products from Europe through suppliers that their headquarters in Germany had already developed. This was an easy option. However, the price range wasn’t fit for Mexico, which led to Axalta Mexico and IQ to contacting and developing together Racing Style promotional apparel with a high perceived value and fitting price.

IQ Solution:

Considering the challenge of developing high value, quality and design clothes; IQ got their product development comitee to work. After presenting virtually rendered samples to Axalta, several optiones were selected to show as previews. In the end, we developed 1 Jacket, 1 Shirt and 2 Caps, all in Racing style.


All these products were published within the Promotional Webshop to be exclusively purchased by Axalta distributors. They resulted to be well received products, reordered in various ocassions, some still available to this day.