United States

Custom Face Masks for massive NASCAR All-Star Race in USA

20/07/2020 / Success Stories


A few weeks after the restart of activities in the US due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sports events started coming back. In particular, a massive NASCAR race was planned to occur in July. However, due to safety measures needed for massive gatherings of people, there was a huge need for facemasks. The event was limited to only 30,000 fans, marking the US’ largest organized sports gathering since the pandemic shut down professional athletic events in the spring, but the organizers still had to have an available mask for each fan. The challenge: the time frame, volumes, material needed to comfortably stay outdoors with a face mask, and the sponsors images which had to be displayed with quality.

IQ Solution: Custom printed face masks with breathable materials.

Working hand in hand with our client we managed to design printed face masks made with breathable materials and comfortable elastics that displayed the sponsors’ brands with great quality.

The design, production and maquila teams in IQ did an extraordinary job which was handed out to the thousands of fans that gathered in Bristol, Tennessee on July 15th. The event was a success, even being reported in a local newspaper. It marked the beggining of the transition to a new normality with the necessary safety measures, as well as it helped relieve the fan’s passion for their favorite sport.