Renewing Red Cross Mexico’s uniforms to renew employee engagement

24/06/2020 / Casos de éxito


Cruz Roja Mexicana (Mexico’s Red Cross) is a fundamental institution in Mexico’s society, which team is mainly composed of volunteers, around 46 thousand around the country. In 2020 they decided to redesign their uniform, which had had the same design for the last 20 years.

IQ Solution: Design and production of uniforms that spark a sense of belonging.

Thanks to the existing business relation between IQ and Red Cross, we colaborated to redesign and fabricate their new uniforms. The uniform was Ante esta situación y gracias a la relación que IQ y cruz roja ya tenían, colaboramos con ellos para el rediseño y producción en sus nuevos uniformes. Said uniform was created based on 3 fundamental principles:

  • Identity: So that the 46 thousand+ volunteers could wear the same uniform with pride as a sign of unity.
  • Security: Because the volunteer’s activities are risky.
  • Trust: That the uniform becomes a symbol of hope for the community, reaffirming them that the volunteer’s services and care is always done with profesionalism and quality even in emergencies.


The new uniform design was presented on a national scale in multiple regions via social media. Red Cross Mexico used the event to congratulate the effort of their volunteers, specially during the times we are going through, in which their services are required more than ever. Furthermore, they trust that these new uniforms will help renew the volunteer’s engagement and sense of belonging.