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Exportation of Face Masks aligned to our client’s identity and culture.

15/06/2020 / Success Stories


Due to the global emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world faced a grave deficit of essential care supplies, such as face masks. Moreover, if face masks weren’t handed out as part of a company’s uniform, it could hinder the employee’s image and safety. The US has few manufacturing options, often expensive and inflexible. International buyers required a prompt answer to develop suppliers that complement the uniform with quality standards, aligned to their image, and with reasonable timeframes and prices.

IQ’s Solution: Design and fabrication of face masks adhered to Exports standards.

Uniform supply companies in the US contacted us to outsource said face masks. We made sure to connect with them through a bilingüal sales executive. This executive then made sure to accompany our client through their requests, colaborating with our design department to deliver face masks samples in record time.

Amongst the multiple options presented, we managed to design face masks that complemented the client’s existing uniforms and motiffs.

The approval was such, that our clientes started getting published in local media outlets thanks to the custom face maks. Here is an article published in a local newspaper.